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New Building Smart Webinar

Interested in energy efficiency in new and retrofit buildings? View our latest webinar, Building Smart with Energy Efficiency.  

Building Smart #19 - New Energy Provisions in the BC Building Code

The Building Smart #19 seminar series is now underway. The seminars will be held in 21 communities throughout the province. Learn more about the topic and register online today. 

Building BC - 2013 Year in Review

Check out our 2013 Year in Review edition of Building BC. This e-newsletter looks back at significant highlights for the Homeowner Protection Office in collaboration with industry and other partners during 2013.

New Builder Insight Bulletin

Check out the new technical bulletin on Energy Use in Mid to High-Rise Multi-Unit Residential Buildings.  Understanding how buildings consume energy is essential to reducing energy use and costs. 

Best Practices for Window and Door Replacement in Wood-Frame Buildings

View our latest video about this comprehensive guide that explains best practices for window and door replacement in wood-frame buildings, from single-family homes to multi-unit residential buildings.  Learn more or order online

New Maintenance Matters Videos

The HPO has expanded its free Maintenance Matters series to include several new videos. They offer practical information and tips on window and door replacementpaints, stains and coatingssealants; and how to implement a building envelope maintenance and renewals program for multi-unit residential buildings.

Home Warranty Insurance in British Columbia Booklet

Home buyers and owners of new homes can find informative tips to help with understanding the basics of home warranty insurance and their rights and responsibilities. Learn more.

Updated New Home Registration Form Features

The HPO has expanded New Home Registration features to streamline the form change request process. It’s now much easier for builders and developers to update information in the Licensed Residential Builder portal. Learn more.

New Maintenance Matters Bulletins

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